Are We Having Fun Yet?

Rod Pickett
2 min readApr 17

Today is gone.
Today was fun.
Tomorrow is another one.
Every day,
from here to there,
funny things are everywhere.

Dr. Seuss, One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

Sometimes the fun police get carried away.

Yesterday, a college pitcher was tossed for celebrating an inning-ending, bases-loaded strikeout.

But one of his teammates made the perfect protest.

The next inning, he hit a grand slam homerun and walked around the bases without any visible emotion, not even a smile.

We need more fun in our lives, not less.

But what’s the point of having fun?

There is no point.

That’s the point.

Pure play is done for its own sake.

Competition is not the same as having fun.

Sometimes it can be enjoyable, especially if you win.

But often it is a grind.

Unwinding after a long day at work should not be confused with having fun.

Play engages the mind and the body.

The purpose of unwinding is to disengage both.

We often play games on our smartphones to kill time.

But committing chronicide carries its own punishment.

We deliberately destroy our most precious possession, our time.

While play is done for its own sake, it often has side benefits.

Play reduces stress.

Play contributes to mental, physical, and emotional development.

Play can also strengthen relationships.

Humor can be a form of mind play.

(Not everything labeled humor is positive or even funny.)

Laughter may not be the best medicine, but it has many healing properties without any negative side-effects.

Humor can also diffuse a tense situation that seems to have no positive resolution.

Laughter is contagious, more contagious than even a yawn.

As children, we were told to grow up and quit goofing around.

But fun is under-rated.

There are things more important than having fun, but not many.

We need more fun in our lives and in our world.

Get out there and have some fun.

— Rod Pickett

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Rod Pickett

Rod Pickett is a writer, pastor, teacher, photographer, real estate broker, certified personal trainer, consultant, woodworker, and life-long learner.